Buksie with mother Anzika and sister A'xola

Three generations standing to attention.

Buksie, Bakari and Akachi

A king on his throne

Buksie visiting Perla in Slovakia

Buksie on the run

The Kinyemi A-Team. Buksie and siblings.

Buksie doing the tango

Buksie the Beach Buggie

Water race Buksie and Ziso

In the snow

In the Alps

Tiny Buksie

Who is the fastest?

Relaxing in the sofa

I will hold him.


In the back of the car

Sharing is loving.

Look what I found.

The birthday Kid

Just space enough for two.

Bakari in the garden

More snow to come?

There is someone out there.

Let's dance.

Let's share a meal.

Bakari guarding "Skansen" by "Vindebyoere"

Bakari and Buksie in the garden

A wiev from our garden towards Svendborg.

I am coming.

A hot dog in the cold snow

No, I'm not Rhodesian I'm Schottish

Buksie waiting by the back door.

Who is coming to visit me?

I've got the sun in my eyes.


I can climb trees.

I am the great retriever.

Guarding the castle.

I can be a couch potato.

At home on the terrasse.

Buksie age 2, viewing the "savannah".

Buksie, guarding the cattle.

Bakari sept. 2010

Hey Mom, can I go chase the ducks?

Age 11 and still fit to hunt.

Friends Freja and Luna. The wirehaired lapdogs.


Have one on me !!